Extra curricular activities

In order to enrich the educational experiences for children, we recognise the value and opportunities that can be created by additional clubs. We therefore, provide a range of activities throughout the year. The after school activities that are provided differ slightly each year, however, there is always a wide range for children to choose between.

The following clubs are currently offered to the children:

  • Creative Club
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Piano
  • Football
  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Folk dance
  • Computing

In addition to this a wide range of regular lunch clubs are also held throughout the week.

Kench Hill

In the Spring Term of Year 4, children are given the opportunity to spend a week at a residential centre in Kent called Kench Hill. Kench Hill is a beautiful 18th Century Georgian house. It has been established as a residential centre for 25 years.

During the week that the children are at Kench Hill they get to experience a wide range of activities including: shelter building, environmental art, team building games, local walks, chicken and sheep feeding and brick making. Apart from the walks, all activities take place in the house and grounds of Kench Hill.

We believe that a trip like this broadens children’s education as it extends the work that they have done in school, while developing confidence and encouraging independence. The children are fully supervised by staff from Barnfield School throughout the trip.

Cuffley Camp

In the Summer Term of Year 6 the children get the opportunity to go camping at Tolmers Scout Camp in Cuffley.  Though it is called a camp there is in fact dormitories as well as tents for the children to sleep in.

During the week that they are away, the children get to participate in a huge range of activities such as: rafting and canoeing, quad biking, abseiling, It’s a Knockout competition and many more. All activities are carried out by qualified instructors and the children have an experience that they will never forget before they leave us to go on to Secondary School.

Team Games

Team Games

It's a Knockout

It’s a Knockout