Government PE Funding

UK Primary schools have been allocated a special PE budget this year.

Barnfield was allocated £4,200 for PE and school sport.

How Barnfield is allocating the funding:

– We have allocated some of the funding to buy into the Barnet Sports Partnership facilities which provide access to sporting competitions, coaching and other sports opportunities for our children.
– A large proportion of the new budget is being spent on professional development of our staff in outdoor games. We have invested in a specialist PE coach to work alongside our class teachers and provide them with continuing professional development opportunities to up-skill their own teaching of PE. Last year this team-teaching was directed at our Junior teachers and this year we are focusing on training up the teachers in Reception and KS1. Each teacher works together with the coach all term and receives feedback and targets on their delivery of PE. We are planning to continue this teacher training program next year with our staff in the infant classes.
– PE is a Barnfield school priority this year and we train all of our staff in the teaching of high quality, inclusive PE lessons in termly inset training sessions. The grant has helped to ensure that we have enough equipment and planning time in order to deliver these successfully.
– Some of the government PE allocation is spent on teacher ultram online release of a PE specialist member of staff to team-teach with teachers in indoor PE (dance and gymnastics) to develop their subject knowledge and lesson delivery.
– Barnfield provides a very wide range of extra-curricular sports opportunities outside of the school day (street dance, fit club, football, netball, cricket, athletics, gymnastics). The government grant has helped to extend these opportunities and ensure that we can offer them free of charge to our students.

– Our meal time supervisors have received training from the borough’s PE advisor in the delivery of a range of fun, active and accessible lunchtime games and activities to promote with the children.


– The main impact of the grant at Barnfield is that we are able to ensure that every single child is benefitting from high quality PE lessons. Training the teachers to deliver strong PE lessons is a very sustainable way of spending the grant. Our staff are increasingly confident when teaching PE – both in their gym and dance and in their outdoor games lessons – thanks to the very comprehensive staff inset training and due to working alongside the PE specialist coach.
Next year we are hoping that the grant will continue and that we can allocate more of the budget on ensuring that more children can access sports competitions locally.