Our Barnfield Values

Last term our school council discussed what makes Barnfield so special. They decided to create a list of values that are important to us. Each school council member collected ideas from their classes. These were discussed by the school council and a final list of values created. The school council presented the final list to Mrs Gunn. Last week, the school council presented the ‘Barnfield Values’ in a special assembly.

Our Barnfield Values

Believe in yourself – we value being positive and always trying our best

Aim high – we believe in reaching for the stars to see what we can achieve

Respect others – we value being unique and respecting each other for who we are

Never give up – we believe in being resilient and never giving up when facing obstacles

Family – we are all part of the Barnfield family.

Inclusive – we believe in valuing each unique member of the Banfield family

Enjoy learning – we believe that learning is fun; when you enjoy learning you will achieve!

Listening – we value listening to each other and working together to achieve our goals.

Diverse – we value being unique and taking pride in who we are!

The school council explained that we all carry an invisible bucket with us. This bucket holds all our achievements, good thoughts, positive feelings and our good deeds. When your bucket is full, you feel happy and ready to learn. To promote more ‘bucket filling’ and to celebrate our Barnfield community, the school council introduced the ‘Super Feed Deed’. When someone is spotted filling a person’s bucket using one of our school values, they will be awarded a star. This star will be shared and celebrated in assembly, then added to the Barnfield Bucket. By the end of the school year, our bucket should be filled with stars that celebrate all the wonderful things that we have done to make our school a better place and to become better learners.

What will you do to fill the Barnfield bucket today?