The school council have been really busy this year!

We have been working hard to make a difference to our Barnfield community!

We have improved our playground environment by ordering new playground equipment and by organising new books for the playground quiet areas.

One or our biggest successes was the Christmas cake and biscuit competition. We had lots of entries from both the children and staff. The year 6 school council members had a very difficult job in judging the staff entries. All the winners were announced in a special assembly. We then sold these delicious treats in a cake sale, which was organised and run by members of the school council. We raised over £600! This means we have already raised over £1600 for our school charity Oxfam.

One of our biggest challenges so far has been creating ‘Our Barnfield Values’. Each school council member collected ideas from their class. We then shared them in a school council meeting. Lots of classes had similar ideas about which values are important to them as learners and as members of the Barnfield community. Once the final ten values were chosen, Mrs Fitamant then shared them with Mrs Gunn and all the Barnfield staff, who gave them a big thumbs up! We are now working with Mrs Fitamant to present the new ‘Barnfield Values’ in a school assembly next term. We are all very excited!

School Council