School Council Meeting (2) October 2017

School Council met today to receive their brand new ‘school council’ badges! They also brought the boxes from their classroom to share ideas that their class friends had suggested. Here are some of the things that we discussed;

* A basketball hoop – some children in Year 5 asked for a new basketball hoop in the playground. As a council, we decided that this was a good idea as many children would get use out of it and it wouldn’t take up too much space or cost too much money. Miss Saberwal will speak to Mrs Gunn about if we have the school budget to pay for this at this time.

* Dance classes for Year 2 children. We discussed this and decided that it would be great of Year 2 children had an opportunity to have more after school clubs and activities. We will ask Miss Sager if the next term’s Dance letters can go to the infant children.

* Debate club and Drama club – these suggestions from Year 6 were sensible and thoughtful ideas. Miss Saberwal will ask staff if anyone would be willing to start one of these clubs.

* Prayer Room – some children asked if we could have a dedicated prayer room in school. Whilst we don’t have the space to build a special prayer room, we discussed that children used to use the Head Teacher’s office if they wanted to pray at lunchtime which used to work well. The school council will tell their classes that this option is open to them whenever they would like.

* Sports day football matches. A year 6 child wrote a very thoughtful and well planned, detailed suggestion about how we could run some special football games on our annual sports day. Miss Saberwal will suggest this to Mr Rock for his sports day planning sessions!