School Council Meeting- April 2016

The school council children always impress Mrs O’Sullivan and Miss Saberwal. They are so mature and enthusiastic and they are very good at sensibly talking through each idea that we hear to decide whether it would be right for Barnfield.


Today we discussed all of the ideas that children from across the school had made to their representatives. There were lots of ideas this week – including lots from class 2L that had been typed up online as a class project (they used our home-learning platform “DB Primary” to make suggestions to improve the school!


Here are some of the ideas we talked about today:

* Year 2 asked for more equipment in the playground like swings and slides. School Council discussed this and agreed that both of these would take up too much of our playground space. Miss Saberwal showed school council some plans for new playground equipment (climbing frames / balancing equipment) that we are hoping to install soon.


* Lots of children in Year 5 and 6 asked for a ‘school newspaper’. We all agreed that this was a great idea. Mrs Siggins is starting a writing club this term with the aim of starting up a school newspaper so we are very excited about that!


* Some Year 4 and 5 children asked for a weekly debate in the Head Teacher’s newsletter. Miss Saberwal will speak to Mr Wiggins about this and see if it is possible.


* The children requested for there to be more tables in the packed lunch hall. This is always a tricky one (we have discussed this issue in school council before). The main problem is that the more tables & benches we buy, more of our gym space is used up and it therefore becomes a smaller space for our PE lessons. We will discuss this though as we know that the children feel strongly about it and we will see if we can come to a solution in the near future!


If you have an idea that you would like school council to discuss, add your idea to your class suggestion box or tell your class representative.