School Council Meeting – December 2015

School Council met to discuss the various ideas that children across the school had suggested. Here were some of the best ideas:

Year 6 asked if they could sit on benches in assemblies so that they can see better – especially in class assemblies. Miss Saberwal will ask Mr Wiggins if this might be possible.


Lots of class boxes had suggestions inside regarding after school clubs; cooking club, newspaper writing club, science club. Miss Saberwal will ask teachers in the new year if anyone might be able to run a club for the children in any of these areas.


The infant classes asked for an infant art club – again, Miss Saberwal will ask in staff briefing if anyone might be able to start a new club like this.


A lot of classes made suggestions for new books to enjoy in class (which is great as we love children who love reading!). Some suggestions were; more David Walliams books, more non-fiction books, some Guinness World Record books and more Harry Potter books. Miss Saberwal and Mrs O’Sullivan passed these ideas on to Mrs Dawson, Mrs Siggins and Miss Oakley who all take care of book orders in school!

Some of the junior classes asked for a bigger variety of wet play games. We discussed this as a whole council and decided that, as some new games had been purchased quite recently, we would not take action on this at this time.


We are looking forward to seeing what suggestions go into the school council box in the new year!