School Council Meeting- February 2016

Today school council met to discuss the new playground equipment that we ordered in our last meeting. It is very popular and is being used in both the infant and junior classes.


Each school council member read out suggestions from their classes from their school council boxes.

Some of the best suggestions this time were:


* Teddy bear / pyjama dress up day for charity. The children asked if we could repeat this popular event which happened a few years ago. Miss Saberwal and Mrs O’Sullivan will suggest it to our charity lead teachers.


* Some year 5 children asked if we could have a talent show. Mrs O’Sullivan reminded the children that they can ask assembly staff if they have a talent or skill that they would like to share and perform in assembly.


* A year 5 child suggested that we have special bins for recycling plastic bottles in school as lots of these get thrown away each day. We really liked this idea – especially as it would make a difference to the environment and is an affordable idea for us to implement.


* Some year 4 council members asked if we can have ‘lunch monitors’ to help in the dinner halls at lunch times. This was a sensible idea and the school council liked the idea. We will ask Mr Wiggins if this is something that we can try.


* A year 5 suggestion was to have a ‘transition day’ when classes can spend an afternoon with their new class teacher before they change classes in September. We liked this idea and Miss Saberwal will ask Mr Wiggins if we can put a date in for this.