School Council Meeting- January 2016

School council met today (11.01.2016) to discuss ideas for school for the new term. As always, the school council representatives came with lots of ideas to share from their class suggestion boxes. Here are some of the ideas that we discussed as a council today:

1. The infants asked for lots of clubs today! Miss Saberwal will ask for staff volunteers to run clubs at the next staff briefing. Some club ideas for infants were:

– lunchtime iPad club

– An art / drawing club

– A baking / cooking club

– A French club

2. We talked about the possibility of having more equipment (like monkey bars) in our playgrounds. The school council members are always very mature and discuss the advantages and disadvantages to each idea. We decided that there is enough equipment in the football and middle playgrounds but that we could have more in the infant playground. Miss Saberwal has put in a design for this to governors and work should go ahead in the summer holidays!

3. Some junior classes asked if we could have swimming lessons throughout our time in the juniors (currently it is our Year 4 classes who go swimming). Again, we discussed the pros and cons of this – e.g. increased fitness, better confidence in the water and improved swimming skills. On the other hand, this would incredibly expensive to run and would take away from our current PE curriculum in other areas. We decided that overall, this would not be a necessary new scheme to start and that perhaps children who want to improve their swimming skills could go in their own time!

4. It was also suggested by junior school council members that there should be a painted one way system for the monkey bars. We agreed that this is a good idea and Miss Saberwal will look in to how we could get this done.


The school council went through some ‘play equipment’ catalogues today and chose some new, fun equipment and games for both the infant and junior playgrounds. Miss Saberwal and Mrs O’Sullivan will order this very soon!