School Council Meeting June 2017

School council reflected on all the positive things happening in Barnfield:

  • There are lots of new books in the school library that the children are really enjoying.
  • Everyone is looking forward to next week’s ‘Script Writing Week,’ where the whole school are going to be using their creative juices to write their very own script. Each class will then work as a team to turn their script into a short movie. We will then celebrate our movies in assemblies the following week. Everyone is very excited!
  • There are lots of exciting events lined up for the Summer term. Year 6 are getting ready for Cuffley, children are busy practicing for International evening and everyone is looking forward to Sports day. In addition to all of these exciting events, on Monday 17th July we will also have our very own Barnfield’s Got Talent!

School council discussed suggestions from their green boxes. One idea which raised lots of discussion was the suggestion of having a lollipop lady outside the school gates to help families cross the road safely. A number of children raised concerns about how fast some adults drive outside the school gates. Mrs O Sullivan explained that she is one of the school’s Governors, who have also raised concerns over road safety outside of our school. One of our Governors is a local councillor who is looking into other ways to help make the roads around our school safer. He would like to reduce the speed limit on these roads. However, he has to wait until after the general election to find out more. Mrs O Sullivan promised to raise the school councils concerns at the next Governors meeting. In the meantime, school council are going to brainstorm some ideas with their classes for ways to encourage drivers to slow down when driving outside our school.

Another request was for the basketball hoop to be replaced in the middle playground. Mrs Fitamant promised to speak to Miss Birer who organises PE to see if she can order a new one.

At the last school council meeting the children suggested organising another event to raise money for our school charity. School council members shared lots of different ideas. One idea, which everyone agreed would be an exciting event, is to hold a ‘Bring and Buy’ sale. Children would be encouraged to donate old toys or books they no longer use. The school council would then sell these after school. Mrs O Sullivan thought this was a really good idea. Mrs Fitamant explained that we have a Parents Association who would also like to get involved in raising money for our school. Mrs O Sullivan said that she would speak to the parents to see if they would like to get involved and work with the school council.

Finally, it was time to make the all-important decision about our new school motto. Mrs Fitamant shared with the school council the suggestions from both the children and staff. The children thought carefully about each idea and what it represented. Some of the children’s favourite ideas included, Giving roots to grow and wings to fly, Planting roots for the future, Smiling to success and Aspire together, achieve together. After very careful deliberation, the school council made their final choice. Mrs Gunn joined the meeting to hear the children’s final decision; she then dashed to the phone to tell the printers who are creating our new school prospectus so that they can add it to the front cover.  Members of the school council will reveal Barnfield’s new school motto on Friday!