School Council Meeting – March 2016

Each school council member read out suggestions from their classes from their school council boxes.

Some of the best suggestions this time were:


* A year 4 suggestion was for the library to stock “The Week” – a lovely children’s news magazine. The school council member brought a copy for the council to look at and discuss. We agreed that it looked interesting and fun – with lots of lovely articles, quizzes, games, headlines and photos. We decided that the next step should be for the year 4 school council team to show the magazine to the librarian Mrs Dawson. Fingers crossed we will see “The Week” in our school library soon!


* Year 4 asked for more wet play games to keep them busy when we have to spend lunchtimes indoors. We discussed what types of games they would like and advised them to speak to their class teachers about buying some sensible games and activities.


* Year 3 suggested us having a £1 charity toy day (when children could bring in their favourite toys). The other school council members discussed some of the pros and cons of this idea but in the end, they agreed that there could be problems with having a day like this as children’s toys could get lost or broken and may be better off kept safely at home. We will think of alternative ideas for a charity day next time!


* Year 5 really loved our book week author Savior Pirotta and requested more of his books in their class book corners (as well as more Anthony Horowitz and Michael Murporgo). Miss Saberwal and Mrs O’Sullivan will request these from Mrs Siggins and Miss Oakley (our Literacy coordinators)


* Year 6 requested a hard football for playtimes (the children currently use a soft, playground ball). School council discussed this idea and some potential problems of each class having a hard ball in the playground (injuries / broken windows etc!) We agreed that for now we will need to stick to the softer balls that we currently have.