School Council Meeting May 2017

School council reflected on all the positive things happening in Barnfield:

  • The children are excited about all the new books in the school library and how well they have been organised. The children feel that the library is a fantastic place to enjoy and share a fantastic book, especially during paired reading.
  • School council explained that the atmosphere in the infant and junior playgrounds is a happy one. They have noticed how nicely everyone is playing together.
  • The children really enjoyed the Junior Ukulele performance in assembly. Everyone felt very inspired!
  • Year 6 school council members explained that everyone is year 6 is working very hard towards their SATs. Everyone is really trying their best! They explained that everyone in year 6 is smiling because they are feeling proud of their achievements. Everyone in Year 6 is looking forward to Cuffley, the Micromarathon and the Year 6 school production.
  • School council are feeling really proud of their Super Deed Feed, which is filling up nicely with lot of stars. The children explained how it has had a positive effect on other children who they can see are working even harder to achieve a star. School council shared how proud children feel when their star is celebrated in assembly for showing one of our Barnfield values.

School council discussed suggestions from their green boxes. A number of classes suggested holding another event to raise money for our school charity Oxfam. School council agreed that this would be a good idea and begun to brainstorm some suggestions. After a lot of discussion, school council felt it would be nice to get some suggestions from their classes. We will feedback these suggestions in the next school council meeting.

Mrs Fitamant explained that Mrs Gunn needs some help. Mrs Gunn would like to create a new school prospectus that shows parents and visitors all the fantastic things that we do. Everyone agreed that this is a fantastic idea. Mrs Gunn had already done some research and had created a couple of examples that could be used, however she could not decide which one was best and wanted some advice from the school council. The children discussed how Barnfield is a fun and happy place to learn, which they felt should be reflected in the school prospectus. After some careful deliberation, all members of the school council finally made a decision. However, although the children liked the design they had chosen, they felt that something was missing. After further discussion the children felt a motto was needed to go along the front cover. Mrs Fitamant and Mrs O Sullivan thought this was an excellent idea. Mrs Fitamant then set school council a challenge…

Each school council member must go back to their classes and brainstorm some ideas for a new school motto that reflects and celebrates all that we do at Barnfield. Mrs Fitamant explained that she would also collect ideas from the staff to feed back in the next school council meeting.