School Council Trip

 The School Council had a visit to the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 12th March 2014.  They went out for the day with Miss Saberwal and Mrs Dawson.  It was a really exciting day as they got to see where decisions are made about the Country.  As the children have an input into school decision making and new ideas this was an ideal opportunity for them.  They had a fabulous time.

These were the comments that the children had about their day out.

  • We travelled by train, we got off at London and went to Westminster.  It was a great experience and exciting.
  • 20 wows from me – it was a brilliant day!
  • It was a brilliant day going around the Houses of Parliament seeing all the sculptures and paintings.
  • It was exciting to be as the same building as David Cameron, as he was there on the same day as us.  We didn’t get to see him though.  I would have asked him ‘Is it hard to Prime Minster and why?’
  • It was amazing especially when we saw the sculptures, paintings and the Queens Chair.
  • It was an amazing, once in a life time opportunity to go.
  • We learnt loads of different facts – such as Guy Faulks tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament but he didn’t succeed.
  • We learnt a lot of facts and it was a fantastic day.
  • It was an excellent day and I really enjoyed it.  I liked looking at the Houses of Parliament.
  • It was a brilliant day I would really love to go there again.
  • I was scared I would get lost, but it turned out that I wasn’t scared of anything.
  • We went to the shop and there was Big Ben chocolate but it wasn’t as tasty as it looked.

We would sum up the day as fabulous, exciting and once in a life time!

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