Tuesday 13th March 2018

Our book character dress up day last Thursday was amazing.  The effort and imagination that was put into the children’s costumes was really fantastic.  Do have a look at our website for some photos of this really stunning day.  A huge thank you to all our parents for supporting the children with this special event.

This Friday reports will be coming out for our children in Years 1 to Years 6 (Nursery and Reception will get their reports in the Summer term).   Parents will be able to read about how their child has been working so far this year and targets are set to give a clear focus to the end of the year.  Letters about parents evenings are also coming out this week.  Please do sign up for an appointment with your child’s teacher.  It is a great opportunity to look at the work and also prednisone no prescription talk to the class teacher.

Last Friday I had a teacher from a neighbouring borough come for a visit around the school.  She was really complementary about how hard the children were working, their behaviour and how smart they were.  All the children were focused on their work and wanted to show what they had been learning.  This is why I am so proud of the children – they always try so hard.

Finally our Year 1 children were out on a trip this week.  They had a great time.  A big thank you to our parent helpers who support us on our trips – we would not be able to run them without this support.  Trips are such an important part of enriching the learning experience for our children and bringing topics to life.