Barnfield blue sweatshirts with the school logo on are available from the school office. These are worn with a white polo shirt and plain grey, navy blue, black trousers or a skirt. In Summer girls may wear a blue/ white summer dress.

Barnfield blue v-neck jumpers with the school logo on are available from the school office and are worn with a white shirt and a school tie, along with plain grey or black trousers or skirt. All children must wear plain black school shoes (no designer labels or black trainers). Children may wear sensible black boots to school but only if they are worn under trousers, and not with a skirt.

All children require a PE kit which consists of a white t-shirt (with a school logo), plain navy blue shorts and black plimsolls (for indoor PE) or trainers (for outdoor PE). Only plain navy or black jogging bottoms can be worn for PE; these must not have any logos on.

Girls should not wear visible shorts under their school dress or skirt. If you are concerned about this some retailers are now selling a summer dress that has a shorts/culottes bottom to it, or alternatively they could wear grey school culottes/shorts with a school shirt.
If hijabs are worn, they must be navy blue. During the summer, girls may wear a white hijab if they are wearing a summer dress.

Extreme hairstyles are not acceptable in school, and this includes lines and shapes. If you are unsure PLEASE talk to Mrs O’Sullivan before you take your child to have their hair cut/styled.

We ask that minimum jewellery is worn and that for safety reasons only small stud earrings. Nail polish must not be worn to school.

If you are unsure about any of the above please contact Mrs O’Sullivan, our Pastoral Manager.