Wednesday 20th June 2018

Our Year 6 children, who are away at Tolmers Camp, are having a wonderful time.  We are in regular contact with them all and they are really enjoying the experience.  They are getting to try out a range of activities and are all doing really well.  The staff who run Tolmers told us that they are one of the best behaved groups that they have ever had – this is amazing when you think of how many children visit this centre from many, many different schools.  We are very proud of them.   I know they will have lots to tell us when they return from this trip.

Next Thursday (28th June) is our International Evening.  Sharyn Biggs has put in a huge amount of work and effort organizing this major event for the school. We really do look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible next week.  I am hoping that the weather will remain good! Please remember that all children must be accompanied by an adult who stays the whole time and takes responsibility for them.