Year 1 Trip to Golders Hill Park

Year 1 children have been learning about animal habitats this term in Science. They visited Golders Hill Park to explore a range of animals living in their natural and man-made habitats at the park. Children did a tally of the animals living at the park and later used the data they collected to create a bar graph.

P1080138  P1080136 P1080135 P1080134 P1080132P1080123 P1080122 P1080121 P1080120 P1080118 P1080116 P1080115 P1080114 P1080113 P1080112 P1080111 P1080110 P1080109 P1080108 P1080107 P1080106 P1080105 P1080104 P1080102 P1080101 P1080100 P1080099 P1080098 P1080097 P1080096 P1080094 P1080093 P1080092 P1080090 P1080089 P1080088 P1080087 P1080086 P1080085 P1080084 P1080083 P1080082 P1080081 P1080080 P1080079 P1080078 P1080077 P1080075