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Creativity Week

Before we went into lockdown, we held Creativity Week here at Barnfield. Our theme this year was ‘Among the Trees’ inspired by the recent exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. This theme challenged our children to look closely at this form of nature, explore it’s stunning and unique features, how it impacts our lives and the importance of looking after them.

Year groups explored a number of artists with very different styles, who have also been inspired by the magic of trees. Artists included Andy Goldsworthy, Gustav Klimt, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Klee, Henri Rousseau and Jennifer Steinkamp. The children studied pieces by these artists, pulling apart their work and exploring it across the curriculum.

Here are photos of the children in action. Their final pieces will be displayed in a socially-distance gallery event for the children to enjoy soon, so stay tuned for photos that capture their masterpieces.

Barnfield Primary School