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School Curriculum

In our school we have high expectations of all our pupils from the youngest to oldest. Threaded throughout our curriculum, is an ethos which helps our children recognise that anything is possible through hard work and effort. It is so important our pupils know this.

Throughout their journey in our school, we intend to develop articulate, caring children with a thirst for knowledge. We want our pupils to be resilient individuals who are not afraid to take risks. Our children will know how to lead healthy lives both physically and emotionally and

embrace the culturally diverse community we live in and celebrate.

We are determined that by the time our children are ready to leave our school, they will be confident, successful students and role models.


This is achieved through our 5 principles which is explicitly shared with all pupils to help them become more confident and resilient young people:

I am creative

I am healthy

I am curious

I am empathetic

I am ambitious

We believe our curriculum should be relevant to children’s life experiences; reflect the diverse community Barnfield is part of, inspire and engage pupils in their learning, while enabling children to work collaboratively using their imaginations.

Our Curriculum is underpinned by Rosenshine’s 10 principles of instructions. To help the delivery of National Curriculum expectations we use the following schemes, which we adapt where necessary to ensure all children can access and are working towards being the best they can:

Maths – White Rose

English – Power of Reading

Phonics – Bug Club Phonics

PSHE – Jigsaw & CWP

History – CUSP

Geography – CUSP

Science – CUSP

Computing – Teach Computing

Art and Design – KAPOW

Design and Technology – KAPOW

PE – Complete PE

Music – Charanga

RE – Barnet syllabus

French – Language Angels

Useful documents

Below you will find links to each subject we teach at Barnfield. These pages contain more information about our teaching and learning approaches within each subject. Please look at the curriculum subject overview, found under the ‘useful documents’ section, which outlines the progression within the subject area from EYFS to year 6.

If you have any questions about the content or our approaches, please speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance.

Curriculum Grid 2023-24

Teaching and Learning Policy

Barnfield Primary School