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Gallery Event

We were finally able to hold a socially-distanced gallery event for the children, showcasing the stunning artworks created by our Barnfield artists in our ‘Among the Trees’ Creativity Week, held back in November. With sounds of nature playing in the background and real trees surrounding the space, the children had time to celebrate their achievements and be inspired by others, whilst remembering the magic of nature.

See some of their thoughts and experiences in the photo gallery. Here are some quotes verbally shared by the children as they viewed the exhibition:

Merry (year 1) ‘’I like it because it’s tree-ey’’.

Aathith (year 1) ‘’My favourite piece was the tree drawings’’.

Nora (reception) ‘’Look it’s us! Look it’s you!! We did this!’’

Josiah (reception) ‘’Mrs Russell it’s a JUNGLE!’’

Azra (reception) Whilst looking at the pieces inspired by Gustav Klimt’s ‘Tree of Life’, Azra commented ‘’it looks like snakes’’.

Yasmin (year 6) ‘’I like all the materials used to make the tree’’.

Benard (year 6) ‘’Looks realistic. It makes me feel like I’m in an actual rainforest’’.

Kiitan (year 6) ‘’The swirls and colours stand out. It’s great that they’ve used real branches’’.


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