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Black History Month

For the month of October, we explored important figures and moments in Black History, both around the world and here in Britain. We took this as a time to also reflect upon the contribution we make to our own communities, along with exploring and celebrating our richly diverse Barnfield family and its heritage, fully embracing this year’s theme ‘Proud to be …’. Texts such as Sulwe by Lupita Nyong’o, I am Enough by activist Grace Byers and Henry’s Freedom Box by Ellen Levine, helped the children to learn about important themes. Our year 3 children wrote poetry after looking at Maya Angelou’s ‘Caged Bird’, whilst our Nursery children got cooking with ‘What’s in the Pan Man?’ exploring the flavours of the Caribbean. Our year 5 children created ‘Empire Windrush’ as their DT Moving Toy, to coincide with learning about the Windrush generation and their immense contribution to Britain. Year 1 finished BHM with some of our parents bringing in food from their culture, whilst sharing stories of their heritage.

Barnfield Primary School