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  • Respectful - Responsible - Ready to learn

Curriculum Content

At Barnfield Primary School, our intent is to provide a curriculum framework that offers exciting and meaningful learning experiences. To ensure this we:

    • Provide pupils with strong basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics, which form the cornerstone of lifelong learning
    • Provide pupils with an appreciation of their diverse multicultural heritage and develop the skills of respect and tolerance
    • Enable pupils to become resilient learners and overcome challenges that they face
    • Be broad and balanced at each key stage and will be delivered in such a way that it develops inquisitive learners


  • Take account of the pupils starting points and build from them, having high expectations of all
  • Be vibrant, through the use of themed days and weeks (e.g. Creativity Week) to stimulate the pupils and enable them to develop and apply the skills learnt in new and different ways
  • Be subject to regular review to meet and anticipate the needs of the pupils, the demands of society, the requirements of the National Curriculum and the wider curriculum.




Barnfield Primary School