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Our “Creativity Week” Gallery Pieces

Here are the final pieces created by our Barnfield artists for Creativity Week, where the children were inspired by the wonder of trees, exploring these incredible forms of nature through the eyes of different artists.

Nursery looked at Paul Klee’s ‘Bird Garden’.

Reception looked at various pieces by the artist Henri Rousseau.

Year 2 explored the four seasons through the eyes of artists Vincent van Gogh, Andy Goldsworthy, Claude Monet and Gustav Klimt.

Year 3 looked at the piece ‘Apple Tree’ by Gustav Klimt.

Year 4 also studied Gustav Klimt, looking at his piece ‘Tree of Life’.

Year 5 looked at Jennifer Steinkamp’s animated art titled ‘Blind Eye 1’.

Thank you Barnfield artists for always inspiring us!

Barnfield Primary School