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We use Teach Computing curriculum to support our children’s knowledge and understanding in this area of learning.

Technology is an ever-increasing part of our children’s lives. At Barnfield Primary School we believe in giving all children high quality learning experiences to allow them to use technology positively, responsibly and safely. We strive to do this through a broad computing curriculum based on the three strands of the National Curriculum.


We teach computing through regular explicit lessons following a carefully planned scheme of work which allows children to build upon their prior knowledge and previously gained skills. We follow Teach Computing as our scheme of work. Our computing lessons allow children to create, collaborate and express themselves in a variety of ways and using a range of programs and software. Throughout their education, our children will become skilful computer scientists who can use the software and tools available to them in the most effective manner, completing the challenges set for them in their lessons. Where appropriate, we make links with our 5 principles of learning, reinforcing how these are linked to computing as a subject and across the curriculum.

Online safety

E-safety is taught through the digital literacy units within our curriculum and our wider PSHE curriculum. We place great emphasis on children have a secure understanding so they can make safe and informed choices when using online platforms and apps. To support this, our online-safety units are taught each half term.

Each February, we celebrate Safer Internet Day as a whole school where we complete work on the annual theme, reflect upon our internet usage and behaviours and embed our e-safety work further.

As a school we encourage children to think critically about the content that they consume and regularly discuss the best way to keep safe on common and popular apps, platforms and games. Our teachers model the appropriate use of technology and the critical thought process when the opportunities arise.

We also use Project Evolve (Education in a Connected World) as a guide for our planning and curriculum coverage in school.  The short video explains the 8 Strands as well as highlighting some resources and approaches we use.



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