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Wednesday 19th June 2019

Many of our Year 6 children are away this week at Tolmers Camp.  I have been in touch with everyone there on a regular basis and they are all having an amazing time.  We look forward to seeing them on Friday when they return and hearing all about their great adventure.

Mrs O’Sullivan retires next week after 17 years at the school. We are very sad that she is leaving but we wish her all the very best and we hope that she enjoys her retirement and puts her feet up! She will be missed. Mrs O’Sullivan’s contribution to the school has been huge. She has supported so many children and their families and always wanted the very best for the school community. She embodies the ethos of the school which is to aim high, to do our best and to support one another.  Although she will no longer be a staff member we will still see her in the school in her role as a school Governor. International Evening is her last day – which we will make this evening extra special this year and will be a special way to say thank you to her for all her work.

Barnfield Primary School